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Ice Climbing Clinic

Ice Climbing Clinic

All you need to know to safely go ice climbing with friends, improve your ice climbing skills, start leading on ice or start the path to ice climbing guiding.

After showing good competence in this course you will get a Glacier Encounter Diploma to add to your CV.

Topics covered

– Risk Management

– Personal Safety

– Anchors building

– Top rope setup

– Lowering. Lower to raise hot change over

– Ice climbing techniques progression

– Ice climbing leading


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– Know how to tie basic knots

(figure 8, clove hitch, etc)

– Walk confidently on crampons.

– Having done some ice climbing before.

Duration: One or Two days

Location: Sólheimajökull Glacier

Instructor to students ratio: 1:4

Dates: 11/11/23 and 02/12/23